Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I think collections are cool.. Check out some of these I found via flickr ::

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1. Barbie Collects Dishes, 2. hair doodles, 3. My Pez® Collection, 4. Fiestaware, 5. Bird's Nest Collection, 6. Blythe shoe collection, 7. Vintage Enamel Pin Collection, 8. universal pliers, 9. Tape-Collection

I love the idea of collections - as long as they are properly displayed....
I would like to to collect:

1.  Turquoise  Fiestaware  - Cody and I have a good start to this.. I think we have 9 place settings a  couple of platters and a white pitcher.. I also like the idea of adding other colors such as white, kelly green, and yellow.

2.  Pin Back Buttons aka Flair - I have approx 20 so far - I like a lot of the old ones.  If I see any lying in a thrift store for a dime - I pick those up..

Pushing My  Buttons
via blazerman on flickr

3. White Glass and Ceramic items.. I would love to have a beautiful nicely-displayed milk glass collection. Also -I love white ceramic items especially animals..

via sweetsweetlife

via Johnathan Adler

via zgallerie

Custom Milk Glass Order
via jenscloset

4.  Vintage Rulers & Yardsticks- How I would love to make a collage from vintage rulers - I don't even have one yet - but they are on my list.... Does anyone remember anthropologie using yardsticks in their displays? Exactly!

via thriftcraft on etsy

Ruler collection
via marcin wichary

anthropologie store

What do you collect?

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