Monday, August 16, 2010

corner of our home...

We thought it would be fun if we could share a corner of our home with you - so that you can get to know us better... Please remember as you check out our photos  - that we have only been married 3 months and we did NOT live together before that  - so we are still getting settled.  (Don't worry - we will not show you pics of the garage!)   Our home is still a work in progess - and if I know me - it always will be.. . I love to add new items to my home and move things around. 

This weekend I just randomly took this photograph so I thought I would share...

We actually photograph most of out items in our etsy shop here.  We have white walls because we live in a rental - rest assured that we would definitely paint the walls if we were allowed and we owned the place.

+ We just hung the Ikea alphabet print - OlLUNDA  a couple of weeks ago. I think I like it - especially the raised letters and the red. Cody and I are font people. 

+ The wooden chest came from a South Georgia plantation - we picked it up at an auction for a steal. 

+ I just planted that succulent in an IKEA planter that I bought a few years ago. Succulents are the pretties plants ever!

+ My mother bought me the C&A aluminum letters from etsy seller gaugenyc as a Christmas gift.  I love them.

+ My granny made the red patchwork piece..  It is my favorite thing in this picture - My granny makes a lot of quilts and hand sewn items.. but she usually sells them and I don't get many pieces.  

+ The white frame is a flea market find that I painted.  I love the detail work around the edge.  This frame shows up in most of our etsy photos.

+ One of our engagement photos are on display here.  We still have not printed any of our wedding photos, but that is on our to do list.

We hope to share more glimpses of our home...

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