Thursday, September 2, 2010

photo booth

Cody and I have been married since May 2010 - I can't wait to show you more photos - but here is a glimpse of some of the photo booth strips - We didn't have a enclosed photo booth - Cody did something technical to set it up with his Mac, a big silver usb button, a camera, and a monitor. We just used a shower curtain as our backdrop and I made the mustaches.

Cody testing it out before the wedding

The wedding party - Our Brothers and Sisters

My cutey 10yr old brother-in-law
We work with these guys.

This weirdo we know.

Cody's Brother Cory and his wife Ashley
We loaded the strips to our the internets - so our guest could view and download them.
It was a blast and I definitely recommend it -

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  1. You MADE the mustaches!!!!??? I am so impressed! Love them! And love these adorable photos.