Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a christmas long ago... well 1987...

This is a pic from Christmas 1987 - I was in fifth grade and had a crimp perm.. yes the crimp lasted for-ever.

Christmas 1987

I told the lady at the salon that I wanted my hair to look like I slept with it in braids and then took them out... Don't get me wrong - it was super cool.. at first.  I was even somewhat of a trendsetter when my step-sister marched right to the salon and got her one too. 
The day I got my beloved perm  - 11yrs old

The problem came a bit later - as it was growing out it was kind of a frizzy mess... The top 2 inches of my hair were normal - then there was crimp. I ended up getting it cut a little shorter to get the crimp out faster.. but I will never forget  - The Crimp Perm.


  1. Oh my, Amanda :) I had the SAME two hair styles at some point of my childhood/pre-teen-ness! {complete with the same bangs!} Oh, memories!

  2. That is crazy.. I am glad I wasn't the only one.