Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I did this summer...

I feel like a schoolgirl returning to school after a long summer vacation - writing a essay about all the various things I did during the summer break. I have been away, but I am not sure "break" would accurately describe my late spring/summer.  I never really like essays and have always been a list lover, so a list it is:

What I did this summer:

+ put in an offer on a house ( it was accepted) - Closing date: April 13
+ gave landlord notice that we would move out before May 1
+ had a garage sale
+ Closing date extended to May 13
+ moved all of our possessions into storage
+  April 28 left for vacation to Washington DC. We were actually there when Osama Bin Laden was killed.
+ came back from vacation and found ourselves with no home
+ stayed with sweet brother and sister-in-law for a week +
+ May 12 - Closed on house - hooray
+ moved all our things AGAIN
+ May 15 - celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary in a heap of boxes
+ two weeks after moving into our house - we got a sweet miniature dachshund - we named Pippi
 Pippi - approx 7 weeks

 Pippi - approx 20 weeks

+ Memorial Day weekend - started painting the main rooms of our house - Bonsai
+ First weekend of June -  Camping trip with the family
+ Week long trip to New Orleans area in June.  It was HOT.
+ Father's day x2 at our house - Low County Boil and Po Boys. Yum both times.
+ July 4th Weekend - painted the master bedroom - Cathedral Stone

+ Week long trip in July to Texas - El Paso then Dallas.. yeah it was hot in Texas in July.
+ Conference in Charlotte NC
+ Mister goes to Phoenix for work
+ Week long trip to Dallas Area in August - still hot, over 100 everyday
+ Family trip to Great Wolf Lodge - Super fun.
+start to unpack shop inventory for shop and open again!

Still more coming up in September and October..
+ my cute cousin is getting married 9.10.11.. isn't that fun? I am making (almost finished) a burlap bunting banner for her.
+ cutie niece Annie turns 2! can't believe it
+ County Fair.  Our church has a festival type event at the fair for kids. Lots of fun games and prizes.  My husband will give a presentation during the event.  We are busy preparing for that.  They have done some pretty funny stuff in the past.  It is always lots of fun and lots of WORK.
+ Wedding Shower for Sweet Sister in Law.  She picked the best guy.  That is going to be lots of fun.
+ Another week long trip to Texas.
+ Footloose , the new one, is released on my birthday October 14.  I love the original from 1984 and am quite skeptical of the new one.

+ Wedding of a fore mentioned Sister-in-law and best guy.
+ really hoping  to restyle and photograph all my shop inventory.

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